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                                             WORSHIP TIME:  9:30 A.M.

Welcome to Wickliffe Presbyterian Church! We are a small but growing, worship focused, mission driven congregation looking to grow in all aspects of our Christian walk. Please check out the site.  Read the biographies, sermons, newsletters, statements of faith.  Look into our missions, outreaches, programs, and events. Of course no website can give you the full experience so come on by Sunday morning and join us for worship and friendship as we all get to better understand our faith and what it means to be under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Go on a treasure hunt, shop our Thrift Store!  Work days are scheduled for the Wednesday before the day the store will be open  I encourage everyone who has not helped with the store, to help sometime very soon. It is a wonderful church mission and fundraiser. Remember that one time volunteering is not a commitment to volunteering each month. Come check the store out soon!

             9:30 am  Worship Service (New Time)

           10:30 am Coffee Hour (Following Worship Service)

           11:00 am Adult Bible Study (New Time)

             Wickliffe Presbyterian Church                                                                      

             29955 Ridge Road        

             Wickliffe, Oh 44092