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The Search Committee and Presbytery of Western Reserve continues the search for a permanent Part-Time Covenant Pastor.  Please keep them in your prayers.

The time has come, regretfully, that the congregation of Wickliffe Presbyterian Church must say "Goodbye" to a Pastor that we have grown to admire and respect.  A "people person" and a man of God.  We expected to have Rev. George and Susanne with us each fall and winter for years to come.  However, God has different plans for them, and those plans will be revealed to them in Florida.  We are sad to see them leave, but know they have to do what is best for them. 

So Rev. George and Susanne, God be with you in your new venture, and  instead of "Goodbye" we will just say "So-Long" .       Congregation Wickliffe Presbyterian Church 

                                                             A letter from Rev. George & Susanne           

To the members and friends of Wickliffe Presbyterian Church:

Serving Wickliffe Presbyterian Church as a covenant pastor has been a great blessing!  Susanne and I have felt the support and warmth of this fine congregation.   

When we began this journey we did not know where this ministry would lead.  I thought that maybe we could serve each winter for 6 months, for as long as my mind could allow me to preach the Gospel.  We intended to live the rest of our lives in our little Wickliffe home.

Then our son, Samuel who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his family, got the idea that mom and dad should come to Florida to live.  We could still go to our Michigan cottage each summer.  He sent us a picture of a condo that we had seen on one of our annual visits.  The price was right, and it was about 10 minutes from Sam's home.  Things began to move quickly and the dream became a reality.  We made an offer and it was accepted.  That started a new process in our lives - selling our Wickliffe home, sorting out what we could take to a small condo, and what we must give away.  Many difficult decision challenged us each day as we had to part with some things which have wonderful memories.

This is the way God works!  The doors are opened which lead to fresh decisions.  We have to re-set our goals and change directions in our lives.  The Lord has plans for us in Florida, and the Lord has new ways to shape the Wickliffe church.  It is a blessing to know that we are not stuck in a predictable situation even though we are often comfortable and don't want things to change.  God does like to surprise us!

I liked my role as pastor here, and the church could predict what to expect from me.  We had developed a satisfying working relationship.  Now we each have a chance to have some new experiences.  My wife, Susanne and I talk much about the changes that Florida will bring to our lives.

Wickliffe Presbyterian Church can look forward to new experiences which will bless them.  A new pastor will come into their lives, and he will not be the same as me.  He will do things differently.  God's call to him will be the source of his ministry to them.   Members of Wickliffe Presbyterian Church, expect differences and enjoy what God is bringing to you.  Our God is an Awesome God!

Thank you for the support and fellowship you showed us, while we were with you and thank you for the short time we spent with you.  We look forward to hearing where God is leading His ministry in the Wickliffe Church!

Our addresses are:  Box 1152 - Bay View, Michigan 49770 (June-September) and 4802 Lake Boulevard, Clearwater. Florida 33762 (October-May).

                                                                                       Rev George and Susanne Dauler

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June 1, 2014 - Guest Pastor - Rev. Harry Bigelow

June 8, 2014 - Guest Pastor - Rev. Harry Bigelow

June 15, 2014 - Guest Pastor - Rev. Harry Bigelow

June 22, 2014  Guest Pastor - Rev. Don Grauer, Chaplain Breckenridge Village

June 29, 2014 Guest Pastor - Rev. Dan Marvin